on Life & the Digital Façade


life through apps means we
tap away our days—down the
rabbit hole we go .    ..       .   .

Just walk around in public and you'll notice, more often than not, that heads are down and fingers are tapping. Definitely living in another world, but not quite like zombies, these poor souls bought into the lifestyle that was sold to them: that smartphones can make life easier...no, better. Sadly, that's not true. It's not even close to being vaguely accurate. It's actually a travesty of historical proportions.

Because when a tangible life is replaced with a digital version, a never-ending journey begins, a slow descent into a rabbit hole that has no end. Days, tapped away...

Life does not exist atop a screen. It lives within reality.

Writing and illustration © 2018 Joe Blend & Company, LLC. All rights reserved.