Fast-Food Sentences & Disposable Discourse


thinking and speaking
a modern day travesty
low-cost and half-assed…
fast-food sentences within
a disposable discourse

Some days, it feels as if modern communication has become cheap and disposable. Thoughts are seemingly filled with empty calories, and they’re shared—carelessly—because nobody minds when a penny is lost.

It’s a travesty befitting willful laziness . . .supersized stupidity, if you will, because fast-food sentences do nothing more than fill disposable conversations that sicken the collective discourse and deteriorate the mental landscape.

The world, and its sentences, need nourishment. I think it’s time for minds to go vegan.

Writing and illustration © 2019 Joe Blend & Company, LLC. All rights reserved.

Ah, you noticed! Well, grant me a moment to elaborate: the above poem is a cousin to haiku called tanka. It’s a Japanese form of poetry that consists of five lines with a five-seven-five-seven-seven syllable count. To learn more about tanka, please visit The Academy of American Poets website.